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Very excited to announce Rayland Baxter’s long awaited return to the ILM.

Thursday, April 10th, 2014; DOORS: 8pm

One of our favorite performers is back for a solo performance playing his storybook songs on our intimate SuperUnplugged stage. His recent rise in popularity has shown with new alliances with ATO Records, Partisan Arts Management & support slots with Amos Lee, Donovan Frankenreiter, Willie Nelson, Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers, Langhorne Slim & many others.

One night only. Doors at 8pm. Show starts at 9pm.

Support: TBA

$10 ADV/$15 VIP/$15 D.O.S.

(contact: for [limited] VIP tickets/info)


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Link to article in Wilmington Star News: READ

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Love Language

flyer credit: Clay Johnson

Saturday, February 15th
with Ryan Gustafson


tickets: HERE

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New Show Announced: Jim Avett

with a special solo performance by Sean Thomas Gerard.

Tickets on sale Tuesday, January 28th.

General Admission: $10
Limited VIP Seating: $20
General Admission

(D.O.S.) $15


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Bourgie (BOO-zhee) Nights Opens

Finally got the old bella festa back. that’s right.

kicked off the space with Howard Ivans’ project that was super fresh.

backed that up with a little Swing music love from Justin Lacy and his Swing Quintet.

David Dondero came and worked it. Saw the reincarnation of monthly (FIRST TUESDAY) wilmington unplugged

witnessed a beautiful folk duo, Lowland Hum and our Chapel Hill buddy, John Harrison and his new outfit, Trees & Leaves was unbelievably memorable.

well, we are getting some more music coming down the pipe: playing in the beautiful room “sound proofed” by Mr Owen Dollar & Sean Thomas Gerard.

announcing the following shows:

  • Wilmington Unplugged February Edition on Tuesday the 4th: NO COVER
  • Valentine’s Day with Justin Lacy & the Swing Quintet, Feb 14th: $5
  • Love Language w/Ryan Gustafson, Feb 15th: TICKETS
  • UNCW MFA Reading, Feb 21st
  • SuperUnplugged with John Hayward Williams, Feb 22nd
  • Wilmington Unplugged March Edition on Tuesday the 4th
  • A Fred Champion Situation: Wednesday Mar 5th: ANNOUNCING SOON
  • SuperUnplugged with Jim Avett special guest/Sean Thomas Gerard, Saturday, April 5th: TICKETS
  • SuperUnplugged with RayLanD BAxtER, Thursday, April 10th: TICKETS

Stay tuned for more details and cool music, events and ideas coming from the Bourgie Nights Crew.

for any and all questions please email:

Come here to hear the difference.

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Wilmington Unplugged & Shoe-n Entertainment Show Schedule Update

Here is an update on the music shows that I am collaborating on over the next six weeks.

Please update your calendars accordingly. Ticket information can be gathered through this website or by emailing me directly: (or unless where otherwise noted).

Thanks for the continued support and remember to keep listening to what your ears are saying!

Sept 24: Southern Trails Tour (7pm, City Stage)

Sept 25: Owl Laws, North Elementary, Schooner (9pm, Whiskey) $5

Oct 2: Greg Humphreys + Mandolin Orange (7pm, Whiskey) $7

Oct 5: Wilmington Unplugged (7pm, Whiskey) FREE

Oct 18: David Vandervelde + juston stens & the get real gang (9pm, Satellite) $3 (Suggested Donation)

Oct 20: Park the Van II: Giant Cloud + Brass Bed (9pm, Satellite) $3 (Suggested Donation)

Oct 22: Woodwork Roadshow (11pm, Whiskey) $5 [j.j. grey & mofro “after party HQ”

Oct 30: Take the Lake Festival (noon, Greenfield Amphitheater) $20/$25

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Southern Trail Tour Tickets and Information

One of the most anticipated singer/songwriter events is almost upon us — the Southern Trail Tour.

Read about it in The Beat Magazine: Front Row – Southern Trail Tour.

Four talented musicians are touring together throughout the Southeast for two weeks:

Jeremy Aggers
Chelsea Lynn La Bate
Channing & Quinn

Tyler Lyle

We are fortunate to have them play for us at the hisoric Level 5/City Stage on Friday, Sept 24.

We’ll kick things off a little early. Doors are at 7pm

Tickets are an absolute steal at $8!

Show starts at 7:30.

What’s a bit different is that they will all be sharing the stage with one another; taking turns playing their own songs; accompanying the others.

We are also happy to announce that two of our local singer/songwriters, Sean Thomas Gerard (onward, soldiers) and James Ethan Clark will be sharing their music with the troupe.

I hope you will be able to make the event–we are fortunate to have them come our way.

You can purchase right now below, safely and securely.  We anticipate this event will sell out so get your tickets now.  Thank you all for your support of local and regional music!

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Banner Photo

You’re probably thinking, “hey, this is not Wilmington.” Well, it is actually. It is a photo taken before the Revolutionary War. The film has been restored from its original state.

You can tell by New Hanover High School and Royal Castle Hotel in the foreground (left of center)…it was destroyed during the “Battle at Williston” leaving only the high school remaining. It is at this site where nearly 71 soldiers–including the entire marching band–were injured from a dynamic storm of sweet potatoes hurled by a mob of angry carnivores.

On the right side of the river, you’ll notice the community of Myrtle Beach–yes, the South Carolina border was just across the Cape Fear. It remained there until two gentlemen (Sir John Marsh and Sir Walter Lands) wagered the landholdings to an outcome of a game of backgammon. When the game ended in a stalemate, the audience pillaged the streets and planted strange seeds. The landscape was taken over by swamp and reeds–Myrtle Beach and all of its Fireworks Stands moved 47 miles south (as did the state line) leaving only two large boats docked east of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and a small grocery store (now Satellite Bar & Lounge) in its wake. This era in history was called The Marshlands Period by some.

Just kidding…it’s Budapest. It was the only photo that I had that would fit into the dimensions required by the site.

I am trying to get a “banner” photo to fit the heading that is relevant to Wilmington but haven’t been so lucky.

Hopefully, Leslie Koehn can help.


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1st Entry


This site is 2 years overdue…I can blame a hectic employment, fatherly duties, boyfriend requirements, the love of craft beer, athletics, timing and at times, procrastination. But we’ve made it.

wilmington unplugged is not an original thought–at least not by me but it has consumed me nonetheless. we started it out with showcasing local talent every first Tuesday and had some fantastic performers: Sean Thomas Gerard, Love Language, Bibis Ellison, Barnraisers, Sir Alex Hall, The Needles, Doly Toro, Charlie the Horse, Soultron, Susan Savia, Jim Ashley, Trevor Brown, Bill Donovan, Kevin Rhodes, Lincoln Morris, Tyler McKaig, Gloria Spillers, Seth Moody, CoCo Lenz Moody, Pothead, Brian Weeks, Owl Laws, Andy Herod, John Harrison, Mike Slaton, Ethan Clark, Adrian Varnam, Ted Crenshaw, Jim Phillips, Vick Wyrick, Phantom Playboys, Possum Creek, L Shape Lot, Fred Flynn, Ron Etheridge, Travis Shallow, Mr. Rayle and literally hundreds of others on our stage.

Later, I decided it was time to put these people on a stage in a listening room. It was an immediate success. The perfect balance of an attentive audience and eager storytellers–the simplest form of supply and demand. Each supplying what the other was demanding.

Now after more than thirty consecutive first tuesday “showcases” and six (for lack of a better term) “super showcases” the ball is rolling and its rolling in the right direction.

There are many people to thank for this great advancement of art within our community. The list would be endless but YOU know who YOU are. I am eternally grateful.

However, it is the artist that deserves the most credit for without them, our message would have been erased months ago. This area is loaded with extraordinary artists in all mediums and it is up to us to keep them pointed towards their art. Please continue to support when you can all of the musicians, sculptors, painters, actors, photographers, cinematographers, carpenters, metal smiths, farmers, chefs and essentially every artisan in the area. It’s the only way to keep the culture in Wilmington.

All the very best,


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Wilmington Unplugged is Plugged-in

Welcome to the new site of Wilmington Unplugged — your site for local and homegrown entertainment.  Have a look around and please support local arts.

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